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Bluecoat Aspley Academy is a member school of Archway Learning Trust. The Trust Board has appointed a Local Governing Body (LGB) for Bluecoat Aspley. Details of the structure and responsibilities of the LGB, its committees and its powers can be found below in the Scheme of Delegation and Terms of Reference.

BAA Scheme Of Delegation 2017-2018

BAA LBG Terms Of Reference 2017-2018

The  members of the LGB are shown below, along with information about each governor’s business/pecuniary interests, governance roles in other schools, and attendance record.

Bluecoat Aspley Academy Local Governing Body

Local Governors who have served at any point over the 12 months to 30 November 2017

NameHow appointedDate of appointment or last reappointmentTerm of officeBusiness/pecuniary interests declaredGovernance roles in other educational institutionsAttendance 2016/2017Attendance 2017/2018
Philip Burrell (Chair)By Trustees3 March 20164 yearsNoneNone2/31/1
Jenny HempsteadBy Diocese14 May 20144 yearsNoneNone2/31/1
Rev Peter JonesBy Diocese21 March 20154 yearsNoneNone3/31/1
Cath RowellEx-officio as Principal30 May 2016n/aNoneNone3/31/1
Ross MillerStaff GovernorResigned 6 March 20174 yearsNoneNone1/2n/a
Cherry PearceStaff Governor23 October 20144 yearsNoneNone2/31/1
Cathy Ross- WaddellParent Governor23 October 20144 yearsNoneNone1/31/1

You can contact the Local Governing Body through the Clerk:

Simon Hudson – Clerk to the Governors

Archway Learning Trust
Aspley Lane

Tel: 0115 929 7445 extension 3036
Email: shudson@bluecoat.uk.com

For information on Archway Learning Trust, visit their website.

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