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Academy Name
Bluecoat Aspley Academy

Postal address
Aspley Lane, 

Telephone No.
0115 929 7445

Enquiries contact name
Jane Bland (Office Manager)

Name of Principal
Mrs C Rowell

Name of Vice Principal
Mrs J Heffernan

Name of the Chair of the Local Governing Body
Mr P Burrell

Name of SENCO
Mrs R Sanders

Admission Criteria

Bluecoat Church of England Academy: the Governing Body of Bluecoat Academy working in liaison with The Diocese of Southwell & Nottingham and the Department for Education supports Bluecoat Academy. Bluecoat Academy offers an all though education from age 4 – 19.  The Academy is both distinctively Christian and inclusive. It is clear about its Christian ethos whilst welcoming children of other faiths or no faith. The Academy has DfE designated Technology College status and primarily serves families who wish their children to receive education within a Christian framework in which religious education, acts of worship and the spiritual life of the Academy are in accordance with the principles and practice of the Church of England. Families are advised that children are expected to participate in daily acts of worship and to receive a full religious education.

Admission Provision:

Students are admitted at the start of, and during our three main phases:

•Primary Phase –  Reception (age 4 -5)

•Secondary Phase – Year 7 (age 11)

•Secondary Phase – Post-16 (age 16+)

Students on roll in the primary phase of the Academy will automatically be allocated a place in the secondary phase

Bluecoat Academy Secondary Phase operates on two campuses for Years 7 – 11.  Students will be offered places at either campus, Bluecoat Aspley or Bluecoat Aspley.

View our Admissions Policy

Exclusions arrangements:

Please see our Behaviour Policy for our exclusion arrangements:

Download our Behaviour Policy

Ofsted is the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills. They inspect and regulate services that care for children and young people, and services providing education and skills for learners of all ages and publishing those outcomes online.

We are therefore subject to inspection by Ofsted. However, since converting to an academy, we have not yet been inspected; once this does take place the report can be accessed below.

Download our Interim Assessment

To help guide you further, our ‘Interim Assessment’ since becoming an academy is also available here. This confirmed that we had sustained our high standards.

Before converting to an academy we were rated as at least ‘good’ in all areas.

KS4 results

At present, our school is part of Bluecoat Academy and the results for our Aspley Park site are combined with those of Aspley Lane under one DfE school number. It is planned that Bluecoat Aspley Academy will officially begin as a new academy from 1st September 2017, with our first set of Year 11 Data available in the summer of 2018.

However, our current performance as Bluecoat Academy (Aspley Park and Aspley Lane combined) can be seen here, including a summary of the Aspley site on its own:

MeasureNational AverageNottingham AverageBluecoat Academy (298 pupils)Aspley Park Campus (140 pupils)
Attainment 8 Score48.544.850.852.4
Progress 8 Score0-0.35-0.010.1
C or above in English and Maths59.3%50.4%60.1%62.3%
Pupil destinations - pupils staying in education or going into employment94%87%93%Not available until the sites split
Pupils making expected progress in English (KS2-KS4)81%85.5%
Pupils making expected progress in Maths (KS2-KS4)65.8%66.2%
Pupils achieving the English Baccalaureate15%8.7%

The Department for Education publishes school performance tables for all academies. These can be found by clicking the link here.

Parents and other members of the public can find out more about the curriculum we offer by visiting our ‘Curriculum’ page under the ‘Learning’ tab which indicates its underlying philosophies and, moreover, models the structure by year group. However, a very brief summary of the structure can also be found here.

KS3 (Years 7 & 8)

The following subjects are studied in years 7 & 8. The number of 1 hour lessons per week are shown in brackets:

English (4)
Mathematics (4)
Science (3)
History (1)
Geography (1)
MFL (2)
Religious Education (1)
Physical Education (2)
Art (1)
Music (1)
Drama (1)
Design & Technology (2)
Computer Science/ICT (1)

KS4 (Years 9, 10 & 11)

The KS4 courses offered will provide a firm foundation for future careers and further education. In particular, our courses are designed to be a natural stepping-stone to GCE AS/A2 Level qualifications and Vocational Subjects offered in our Post 16 Centre. This ensures continuity and progression in learning at Bluecoat. We are convinced that our success as an Academy is due in part to this careful linking of courses and the sustained support of staff for students from the ages of 11 to 18.

Students follow a core curriculum of:

English (Language and Literature,) Mathematics, Science, an EBACC option (Geography, History or Modern Foreign Language,) RE and core PE.

Students then have a choice of 2 further options including:

A second EBACC option (Geography, History or Modern Foreign Language,) Art & Design, Childcare, Creative & Media, Drama, Computer Science, Food Preparation and Nutrition, ICT, Music, Design & Technology, PE / Sport, Textiles Design, Sociology and Business Studies.

Name of curriculum lead:

Mr Steve Cox (Vice Principal)

We are a Church of England Academy and our mission is to create a distinctive educational community for all based upon Christian faith and values. Our ethos is based on our mission statement ‘believe; in yourself, in others, in God.’ This is grounded in the principle from the Bible to “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind and love your neighbour as yourself” (Luke 10:27).

Our belief is that every student is unique and valued by God. This is critical to the relationships and personal approach to the curriculum that we take with every young person. We aim to develop confident students that have a strong sense of justice and doing what is right. We encourage students to develop belief in themselves in order to be the best they can be. Our students are taught to be resilient, they can work independently and have a good understanding of where they have come from and who they are.

Our belief is that we should value and care for each other. This is reflected in the ‘harmonious community’ that makes up Bluecoat, ‘where all are respected for who they are.’ (SIAMS Inspection Report, May 2016) Students feel part of a local, national and global community, believing in others and working together towards a common purpose. Students develop into respectful, supportive and considerate members of the community who are passionate about making a difference in a context where faith is nurtured and valued.

The amount of Pupil Premium that Bluecoat Academy expects to receive for the current academic year 2017/18 is £352645.  As an Academy we have a cohort of 374 students across Years 7 to 11 who benefit from Pupil Premium Funding.


The priorities for the Pupil Premium Funding we have received are:


  • Narrowing the gap by addressing inequalities and raising the attainment of those students entitled to Pupil Premium Funding.
  • Raising self-esteem and aspirations of students entitled to Pupil Premium Funding through pastoral support and extra-curricular activities.
  • Reduce inequalities and gaps in attainment between those students who are in receipt of free school meals (FSM) and their peers.

Bluecoat Academy has targeted additional support strategies and systems aimed at ensuring every student achieves their potential, however in relation to those financially disadvantaged we aim to:


  • Improve levels of attainment and progress and close any attainment gaps
  • Enable them to have full access to our curriculum and extra-curricular provision
  • Enable them to have full access to pastoral support
  • Raise their confidence and self-belief, enabling them to become confident learners and a valued part of the school community

Evaluation of 2016/17 Pupil Premium Funding


The impact of this expenditure (using Sept 2017 estimates) is as follows:

·         A reduction in the 5 A*-C including English and Maths gap between our PP students and non-PP students.  This gap reduced from 27% in 2013 to 22% in 2014, to 18% in 2015 to 14% in 2016 (although measures have changed this is worth noting).  In 2017 the gap in Progress between Pupil Premium and other students has been eradicated.

·         49% of pupil premium students achieved 5 A*-C including English and Maths which is significantly above the National Average in 2015/2016, which rose to 58% (4+) in 2016/2017, a significant and substantial improvement.

·         A*-C for pupil premium students in English rose from 50% in 2013/2014, to 63% in 2014/2015, to 71% in 2015/2016 and a further increase in 2016/2017 (4+) to 75%. Our 4+ for Maths in 2016/2017 was 68%.

·         Attendance for Pupil Premium students was above the National Average for all pupils (94.1%), finishing the year on 95% in 2015/2016 and a further increase in 2016/2017 to 95.4%.


Plans for 2017/18


Examples of support that the Academy plans to fund via the Pupil Premium Funding allocation in 2017/18 include:


  • A focus on core subjects – English, Maths and Science, including continued employment of Academic Coaches.
  • A focus on literacy including continued employment of Literacy Coordinators  and the purchase of a Literacy Accelerated Reader reading package
  • Continued strengthening of the pastoral system with full time Year Leaders to enhance the pastoral support for our students
  • Increased and improved system of tracking progress and intervention for those pupils benefitting from pupil premium including measurements such as CAT tests resulting in individual profiles for students, Digital Reading Age Tests, Progress Tests in Core Subjects and PASS (Pupils Attitude to Self and School) questionnaires.
  • Subsidies for participation in extra curriculum activities and visits and a focus in the provision of an extensive extra curriculum program

The Governors and Leadership Team at Bluecoat Academy will continue to monitor and review the impact of these measures to ensure that they represent both value for money and that they continue to play a direct role in improving the achievements and quality of learning for students of all abilities The Academy recognises that by putting in many of these interventions in place the benefit to students is beyond those that are being specifically funded and as such is committed to supporting these interventions by adding to the funding received from the pupil premium from the Academy’s General Annual fund.


Intervention Strategy Planned 2017/18  Actual 2016/17
Employment of Academic Coaches £49591 £117693 (BAA  £79205)
Employment of Literacy Coordinators £33135  £38121 ( BAA £24615)
Employment of Literacy Teaching Assistant  £24949  £44638 (BAA £24617)
Literacy Accelerated Reader Package £2500  £2928 (BAA £1636)
Subsidies for participation in extra curriculum activities and visits, including Heads developmental fund £9500.00  £12837 (BAA £8585)
Employment of full time Year Leaders (in part funded by pupil premium) £88488  £165303 (BAA £92375)
Introduction of chaplaincy role £2870  £2851 (BAA £ 1593)
Literacy Resources £3150  £7411 (BAA £4141)
Student Support as an identified intervention £62252  £62317 (BAA £34824)
Provision of extensive extra curriculum offer (in part funded by pupil premium) £27000  £51052 (BAA £28529)
Other Assessments £16500  £26754 (BAA £15062)
Literacy Keys Package  £ 4631 (BAA £2588)
English Improvement £14133  £23006 (BAA£14403)
Maths Improvement (part funded by pupil premium) £14133  £14,708 (BAA £8219)
Travel and Other assistance £2500  £4152 ( BAA £2320)
Breakfast and After School Clubs £1500  £2,520.00 (BAA £1408)
Youth Workers (part funded by pupil premium) £5000  £10729 (BAA £5995)
PiXL Edge  £4,300 (BAA £2403)
Safeguarding Role (part funded by pupil premium) £5172 £15406 (BAA £8609)
Holiday and revision classes £3500  £6237 (BAA £3485)
Feedback & Assessment training £5000

In addition to the pupil premium funding received, Bluecoat Academy also received £30500 in relation to Year 7 Catch Up funding which has been used to target literacy and numeracy as detailed below.


Intervention Strategy  Planned 17/18  Actual 16/17
Additional teaching Groups for Phonics  £       19000  £  30500 (£18931)
Year 7 activity Days  £         3000  £    5,100.00 (£3000)
Year 7 Transition programme  £         2000  £    3,000.00 (£2000)

Details for the Governance of Archway Learning Trust can be accessed by clicking the link here. This will detail things like our: annual accounts; business and pecuniary interests; governance arrangements; Trust annual report; memorandum and articles of association; membership; and funding agreement.

For the statutory information on our academy’s local governors, click here to go to the main governance page.

You can contact the Local Governing Body through the Clerk:

Simon Hudson – Clerk to the Governors
Archway Learning Trust
Aspley Lane
Tel: 0115 929 7445 extension 3036

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