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The Governing Body of Bluecoat Academy working in liaison with The Diocese of Southwell & Nottingham and the Department for Education supports Bluecoat Academy. Bluecoat Academy offers an all though education from age 4 – 19.  The Academy is both distinctively Christian and inclusive. It is clear about its Christian ethos whilst welcoming children of other faiths or no faith. The Academy has DfE designated Technology College status and primarily serves families who wish their children to receive education within a Christian framework in which religious education, acts of worship and the spiritual life of the Academy are in accordance with the principles and practice of the Church of England. Families are advised that children are expected to participate in daily acts of worship and to receive a full religious education.

Admission Provision:

Students are admitted at the start of, and during our three main phases:

  • Primary Phase –  Reception (age 4 -5)
  • Secondary Phase – Year 7 (age 11)
  • Secondary Phase – Post-16 (age 16+)

Students on roll in the primary phase of the Academy will automatically be allocated a place in the secondary phase

Bluecoat Academy Secondary Phase operates on two campuses for Years 7 – 11.  Students will be offered places at either campus.

How to apply:

For admission into primary Reception and to secondary Year 7, parents / carers need to apply for a place the preceding year using Nottingham City Council’s School Common Application Form which can be found at the following link If the applicant does not live within the Nottingham City area at the time of application then the parents / carers must apply via their home Local Authority. For admission in September 2018, the deadline for Primary Phase applications (Reception) is 15th January 2018 and for Secondary Phase applications (Year 7) the deadline is 31st October 2017.

Applicant’s applying for a Secondary Phase place who are seeking admission under the Faith and / or Technology criteria must also complete a Bluecoat Academy Supplementary form. This is available from either the Aspley Lane or Wollaton Park Academy offices or via the link below ‘Secondary Phase Supplement Form – 2018/19’  Please note if you are applying under the Technology criteria your supplement form must be returned to the Academy by the deadline of 2nd October 2017.

For In-Year admissions, ages 4-16 please contact our Admissions team at the Academy on 0115 929 7445 or complete the relevant ‘In-Year Application Form’ which can be found below.

For all Post-16 admissions, please contact the Sixth Form at Bluecoat Academy on 0115 9007215 or complete the Post-16 application form online at

Admission Arrangements and Forms

Admission Arrangements 2017-18

Admission Arrangements 2018-19

Secondary Phase Supplementary Form 2018-19

Primary Phase Supplement Form 2018-19

Timetable for Secondary Admission Arrangements 2018-19

Mid-Year Application Form

Determined Admission Arrangements 2019/20

Bluecoat Aspley Academy previously know as Bluecoat Academy has recently undertaken  statutory consultation on proposed admission arrangements 2019/20.

Bluecoat Academy was an all-though Academy operating on 3 sites, with the secondary provisions at the Aspley Lane Campus and Wollaton Park Campus.  Following our recent consultation to formally separate the primary and secondary phases into their own distinct schools the academies are now officially their own school, this therefore requires each Academy to have their own admission arrangements, as such, for admission from 2019/20, there will be separate admission arrangements for the academies, details of the determined admission arrangements for 2019/20 for Bluecoat Aspley Academy can be found below.

The admission round for 2019/20 intake will open in September 2018.

Admission Arrangements 2019/20

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