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Guidance for students

Guidance for KS5 pupils

Year 12 all have Google classrooms that have been set up for each of your classes for all subjects. This is the main way that staff will communicate with you and supply work to you ready for your lessons during a week. You have been using the Google classrooms since the start of KS5 so you should be very familiar with it. If there is an issue with accessing a Classroom please e-mail your teacher directly or your Year Leader.

How to use Google classroom for accessing my learning

Firstly if you are struggling to use Google Classrooms please go to our section on guidance videos and look at the how to use Google Classroom link. Google classroom is a platform that staff will send work and activities for you to access so that work is available ready for your lessons on your timetable. It may be that staff upload a few lessons work at a time or they may upload the work as it is needed. What you will expect is that there is always some work available to complete during your normal school day.

Staff will give guidance on the Google classroom as to how to use the work e.g. follow the Power point, access Seneca and submit work on line or answer the exam questions and self-mark. Staff will also be clear about whether you are submitting work for marking by the teacher or whether you are self-marking. If you are self-marking you will be given the mark schemes to do this.

Staff will also use Google Classroom to refer to other on line platforms that we regularly use in school such as Seneca. If you are struggling to use them, then please go to the guidance video section and there are some videos explaining how to use them. Alternatively communicate with your teacher via Google classroom or e-mail and they will support you.

The Revision Website

You also have access to the Bluecoat Aspley revision website. You have been shown how to use this during school time. If you have any problems accessing it or using the website please let your teacher or Year Leader know.  You have access through the normal Bluecoat Aspley Website learning tab. When you click onto the learning tab you will then click revision website and log in using your normal school login. The website has ideas for how to revise. Plus all subject pages are designed around the revision clock on the first page of the website. This means that there are review materials for all subjects e.g. Powerpoints, videos, mind maps, flashcards etc. and practice materials (e.g. exam questions) and check materials (mark schemes).

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