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Welcome back to Bluecoat Aspley Academy

As you enter school

  • As you enter you will come through the student entrance. There will be a member of staff to welcome you and make sure that you know what to do.
  • Just a reminder that if you have come in on public transport you will need to wear a mask.
  • A member of the admin Team will be signing you in and there will SLT and pastoral staff to welcome you.
  • Gates open to students at 9.45am; they are not able to come onto the school site before that time.

Moving through to line up in teaching groups

  • Once you have been registered outside you will move through the doors into the stair well.
  • On the wall there will be hand sanitiser which the staff on duty will remind you to use.
  • Then you will asked to move through onto the hard court outside.

Lining up in teaching groups

  • Once outside on the hard court you will line up in your teaching groups.
  • You will know your groups from the letter that you would have received from school.
  • On the floor there are dots that are spaced 2m apart. You need to stand in your group on the dots and wait for your teacher to take you into your classroom.

Going along the corridor to your lessons

Your teacher will lead you to your classroom. These rooms will be on the English corridor. The floor is marked out with 2m tape of dots. You will have a seating plan when you get to your room, so please wait to be told where to sit

In the classroom

  • In the classrooms all seats are spaced 2m apart and 2m from the teacher at the front of the room.
  • Please bring equipment to lessons
  • All resources will be on your desk for the whole lesson.
  • The session lasts 3 hours.

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