Working From Home

How to structure your day

Year 7 and 8 pupils should try to do around 3 hours of learning each day and you can do more if you like. You can follow your school timetable each day and then pick an activity from the ‘’learning activities’ suggestions. Some of your teachers sent booklets and resources home with you on Friday to get you started. Some of your teachers may send you specific things to do via Go4schools so make sure you check this regularly.

This section of our website will grow as your teachers add to it so you should have plenty to keep your busy. You might also find that some days feel different from others and you might want to spend time with your family or help more around the house. This is fine; we want you to be safe and happy first and foremost.

Here is an example of a timetable for a day:

Normal school day

At home

Period 1


Joe Wicks is putting on a live stream everyday Monday to Friday at 9am for 30 minutes for school children on you tube at PEwithjoe. See the link below to the introduction to it.

Period 2


Do a 200 word challenge.

Read a book for 30 minutes.

Period 3


Start your project booklet

Period 4


Offering virtual tours of museums around the world – pick a museum and explore it!

Period 5


Log onto Hegarty Maths and do the section directed by your teacher.

If you are struggling to use Hegarty Maths, Senenca or any other online platforms that we have suggested there are some guidance videos in our video guidance tab, alternatively please contact your teacher by e-mail to ask for help.

You have taken home your subject books to work in during the school closure. If you continue to work in these for any written activities this would be great. Then when school opens please can you bring them back in.

At times when you are unable to gain access to the website please look at our great things to do when you don’t have computer access and try one of these. These are ideas that will ensure that you remain active and keep learning.

Great things to do when you don’t have access to a computer

  • Do some Art (Drawing, painting etc.)
  • Read (books, magazines, news papers)
  • Make a model for History/Geography
  • Write a journal of your time during the pandemic. This is an unusual time and journaling is a good way to help process your feelings.
  • Write a script for a play
  • Get active (play football in your garden, go for a jog or walk)
  • Do some baking or make a meal for someone else in your house
  • Play a board game or invent one yourself

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