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Supporting our students’ reading habits remains important to us at Bluecoat Aspley Academy. We realise that this can be tricky at the moment, so we’ve found some resources to help you and your child.

If at all possible encourage your child to read for 20 minutes each day and then talk about what they’ve read.

Some ideas that might help could include:

  • Reading as a family – everyone reads for 20 minutes and then talks about what they’ve read.
  • Organising an online chat for your child with their friends or family to share about the book that they’re reading.
  • Setting up a book club with friends or family and chat through your thoughts about a book that you’ve all read.
  • Trying to read something a little different – there are plenty of ideas for all the family at
    and book recommendations each day from librarians at: 
  • Using the resources on Accelerated Reader. Year 7 (and some Year 8) students can log in at and use your usual password. There are non-fiction articles available as well as lots of quizzes for books that you may be able to access from home. For more information (click here).
  • Completing the Library Challenges for Year 7 and 8 students
    click here
    as well as recording the books you’re reading on your Lockdown log.
    click here

Not all reading has to be from the page – Audio books are fantastic:

We realise that not everyone has access to books, in which case you could:

And remember that texts can inspire us:

For those students who have received a book from Bluecoat Aspley as a Summer Read, here’s a help sheet that can support your reading.

Click here for help sheet


We love reading what our students’ write so we do hope that they’re finding some time to put pen to paper or to type up their thoughts.

If you’re looking for inspiration, you may want to encourage your child to write thank you notes or ‘thinking of you’ cards to family, friends or those in our community. If they want to thank a teacher, they can send an online message at

Students may want to explore our 200 Word Challenges or have a go at using unusual images at to ignite your imagination.

It’s even possible to comment on our instagram posts @archwayfaith.


We realise that human interaction is limited at the moment but we’re thankful for the technology that is available to help us to stay in touch. Conversations on phones and through online video are a great way to keep in touch and to help our youngsters practise their oracy skills. Make sure that you do check the privacy and safety settings though.

Similarly, during this unprecedented time, our youngsters have plenty of questions. Talking through their fears, anxieties and questions is a great way to support their mental well-being but also to enable them to discuss and refine their verbal skills. There are some ideas and resources to support oracy during this time at

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