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Welcome to the Bluecoat Aspley website for pupils and parents during the school closure. We hope that this page helps to support your learning during this period.

Guidance for pupils while schools are closed

During the school closure we would like you to strike a healthy balance between keeping your mind active through learning activities and being a good citizen.  Spending between 3 and 5 hours a day on some school work will help you to continue developing your independent learning skills and so that you don’t fall behind with your studies. It will also help with your mental wellbeing by giving you a focus. Some of you will welcome more structure in your day. If this is the case you could try and follow your school timetable as closely as possible. This means that when you have Maths for example, you would access the resources provided by your teachers on Maths and spend time during that period doing Maths activities. We understand that you may not have access to a computer all the time or might need to share it with others. Some of you might want more variety in your day, which is fine too. Find a method that works for you and your family.

The resources are different for each key stage so you will need to access the tab relevant for your year group and this will give you specific activities for your needs.

Your well-being is really important so we have included activities that will help to get you active and keep you having a regular routine and structure. There is also a well-being tab with ideas for looking after yourself.

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