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At KS3 in science pupils have 3 hours a week, please see the curriculum map to see what pupils will learn over the course of their study. In science we develop students’ understanding and scientific enquiry in the disciplines of biology, chemistry and physics. We will build on the fundamentals learned in key stage 2 such as the human body, properties of materials and forces and build on working scientifically skills. Students will have opportunities in engage with practical work to put their understanding into practice and investigate.

Curriculum Map Biology KS3

At KS4 in combined science pupils have 5 hours a week which is split across biology, chemistry and physics. We follow AQA Combined Science Trilogy . Triple science students have 6 hours a week which is split across biology, chemistry and physics. We follow AQA Biology Specification, Chemistry Specification and Physics Specification

In Biology, we build on and deepen knowledge acquired in KS3 such as cell Biology, the study of organ systems, evolution and biodiversity. Students are offered the opportunity to participate in practical investigations and use new apparatus like potometers and develop new practical skills like sampling organisms in a habitat and identifying the presence of food groups in food samples using different reagents.

Curriculum Map Biology KS4

At KS5 in Biology pupils have 5 hours a week. We follow OCR (specification). In A-level biology, we build upon the core principles learnt in GCSE and further our students understanding in areas that underpin the science. A thorough understanding of biological molecules and DNA allow our students to access the biological foundations, which is then applied in later topics such as ‘patterns of inheritance’ and ‘manipulating genomes’. Our course allows a broad range of biological knowledge, particularly when considering the environment and ecology, which is a high priority globally. Students understand the importance of mathematics in Biology, and it is deep-rooted throughout the course to ensure students have an appreciation of how experiments are constructed and interpreted, once the results have been generated. The Biology course is designed to have numerous practical activities to provide our students with the opportunity to use specific equipment and techniques, which provides a solid platform for future study at university.    

Curriculum Map Biology KS5

Curriculum Map Applied Science Level 2


KS5 Applied Science Level 3

At KS5 in biology pupils have 10 hours a week. We follow Pearson (specification) and the course is designed in such a way that allows students to develop their knowledge and understanding of biology, chemistry and physics from KS4 in preparation for their next academic steps. The course offers a combination of examined units and coursework-based units, enabling students to develop their revision techniques as well as their time management and referencing skills. Students are also given the opportunity to acquire core practical skills which are in line with employers’ and higher education requirements, setting our students for success in their future endeavors.

Curriculum Map Applied Science Level 3

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