Courageous Advocacy

Charity Work and Making a Difference

We believe we have great power to make positive change in our world. This is why we try to advocate on behalf of those in need. Charity is more than just raising money. In student leadership, we think about what bothers us in our world and then think about what we can do to make a positive difference. This might involve raising money for charities but it also involves trying to impact change, serve our community, stand up for justice and much more. This page just highlights examples of what we are getting involved in.

Student Leaders

Children in Need: £536.95

Oxfam – Syria Earthquake: £330.00

Maggies Nottingham: £1,666.04

Safe Families Nottingham: £1,441.64

A21 – Against Modern Slavery: £1,441.64

Selling donuts as part of our 12 Days of Joy

Teaching parents about the dangers of Modern Day Slavery: Advocating for Charity A21

Food Bank Collection: 12 Days of Joy

Student Leaders visit Maggie's to see their work and share their fundraising news

Culture Day - Raising money for our school charities: A21 and Safe Families

Taking a stand against racism

Teaching all students about the value of culture and diversity: Student led worship

Our Global School Charity (Voted by Students):

Our Local School Charity (Voted by Students):

Other charities we have supported (either this year or last year):

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