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Message from the Head Boy and Girl

At Bluecoat Aspley, we often describe ourselves as a family. This may sound cliché, but on reflection we truly believe this.

Bluecoat Aspley has helped us both to grow in confidence, overcome challenges and become the people we are now. We feel like this place will leave a lasting impression and will continue to influence us and inspire us, long after we have left. This is exactly what a family should do. Family always leaves a mark. Even though no family is perfect, family members should always be happy to cheer you on, encourage you to keep going, comfort you when you fail and help you to become the best version of yourself. The teenage years are tough, to say the least, but we hope by being a part of our Bluecoat Family, all of our staff and students feel the same level of support that we have felt whilst belonging here.

Being Head Girl and Head Boy is such an amazing privilege anywhere, but even more so, in a school like this.

Esther and Aaryan

Head Students 2023 – 2024

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