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Student Leadership is a group of young people who aspire to make positive change. To become a student leader, you must apply and explain why this is important to you. Students decide which group they would like to represent: Faith, Hope, Family, Respect. Each year, we get roughly the same amount of applications for each leadership group. Students gather every Monday, afterschool. It is a big commitment to be a student leader but it’s amazing to see what each cohort achieves. We have over 100 students who take part.

Esther and Aaryan

Head Students 2023 – 24

Year 11 Committee

Esther and Aaryan: Head Students

Chisom and Emmanuel: Deputy Head Students

Farhad: Lead Faith Ambassador

Aaron: Lead Hope Ambassador

Keisha: Lead Family Ambassador

Benjamin: Lead Respect Ambassador

Establishing Student Leadership

Student Leadership at Bluecoat Aspley Academy is divided into 4 groups that are based on our school values: faith, hope, family, respect. Our leadership captains meet, discuss and carry out events so that we are always honouring our school’s Christian ethos. In this way the voices of the students are heard and listened to. Their opinions and ideas are made tangible. We are the leaders of today and tomorrow. We are the visionaries who put words into actions. We are Bluecoat Aspley Student Leadership.


Hinna and Mateen

Head Students 2021-2022

(Helped to establish the first Student Leadership committee linked to our school values.)

The student leadership groups are full of students who are willing to go above and beyond for the betterment of our school. Our ‘Family Captains’ work together to welcome guests into our school and ensure our diverse community remains loving and inclusive. Our ‘Respect Captains’ work to shine a light on issues that are impacting our local, national and global communities. Our ‘Hope Captains’ raise money for our school charities ‘Safer Families’ and ‘A21’. Finally, our ‘Faith Captains’ aim to raise awareness of different faiths whilst living out our mission to ‘believe in yourself, in others and in God’.


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