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Bluecoat Aspley Academy is passionately committed to helping each young person achieve their full potential. As a Church of England Academy, we want every student to be given ample opportunities to grow and develop whilst striving for life in all its fullness. This means that as well as flourishing in the classroom, our students have access to an innovative extracurricular program, which enables them to thrive through encouraging mental, physical and spiritual growth.

Our break-time, lunch-time and after school clubs are a great way for students to gain cultural capital, become CRITICAL thinkers, enhance social mobility, extend their learning beyond the classroom and set themselves apart in gaining employability skills that will support them in their next steps after they leave us.

Whilst the break, lunch and afterschool clubs are optional, we believe all students should sign up to attend a club in each category over the course of a year. We believe a well-balanced enrichment programme should support growth of the whole person: Mind, Body and Soul. 


Good mental health is extremely important to us at Bluecoat Aspley. Clubs in this category usually combine this, with training young minds in rational thinking, problem solving and debating skills. It’s a great way to extend learning from the classroom, applying knowledge gained in new and creative ways.


Physical health should be a priority for all our young people. It is important that students are given opportunities to be active and feel energised by sport and fitness programs. This category offers ways to develop new skills whilst encouraging teamwork and leadership.


Our young people are wonderful and given the right tools, they can change the world for the better. This category gives students opportunities to serve others, growing in compassion and resilience, whilst making a difference to our school, our community and our world. Through engaging with this category, we hope all will be motivated to be the best version of themselves and go on to be respectful global citizens.  

Student and Parent Voice

Please complete the form below if you would like to feed back to us about the enrichment programme or offer any suggestions for future activities.

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Spring Term Enrichment Timetable

External Coaches

Tyron Moores-Duffield: National Taekwondo Club (NTC)

Jennifer Guilbert: Starbound Cheerleading

Patrick Gada: Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club (Pictured below with our Head of Year 7 – Mr Amin)

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