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At KS3 in science pupils have 3 hours a week, please see the curriculum map to see what pupils will learn over the course of their study. In science we develop students’ understanding and scientific enquiry in the disciplines of biology, chemistry and physics. We will build on the fundamentals learned in key stage 2 such as the human body, properties of materials and forces and build on working scientifically skills. Students will have opportunities in engage with practical work to put their understanding into practice and investigate.

Curriculum Map Chemistry KS3

In Chemistry we begin with developing the model of the atom which we then build to further understand concepts from key stage 3 such as properties of materials, metals and non-metals and introduce electrolysis. We build on chemical reactions and consider the different aspects that can affect reactions and explain why. Students have the opportunity to develop their practical skills working with increasing precision and accuracy.

Curriculum Map Chemistry KS4

At KS5 in chemistry pupils have 5 hours a week. We follow AQA (specification). In A level chemistry there are three different areas; organic, inorganic and physical.  In inorganic chemistry we take understanding of the periodic table further identifying and explaining trends and looking at how different elements have a role in our everyday world. In physical chemistry students develop their mathematical skills in the context of many different reactions and situations in chemistry. In organic chemistry we take our understanding of reactions further looking at carbon based molecules and introduce mechanisms to show how molecules interact with each other. The knowledge and understanding of this builds to one of our final modules in year 13 of organic synthesis where students design reaction schemes to produce target molecules. Students are introduced to new practical equipment and are given the opportunity to get their practical endorsement showing there are able to follow methods independently, identify and manage risks, make adjustments where necessary and more.

Curriculum Map Chemistry KS5

Curriculum Map Applied Science Level 2

Curriculum Map Applied Science Level 3

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