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At KS3 in science pupils have 3 hours a week, please see the curriculum map to see what pupils will learn over the course of their study. In science we develop students’ understanding and scientific enquiry in the disciplines of biology, chemistry and physics. We will build on the fundamentals learned in key stage 2 such as the human body, properties of materials and forces and build on working scientifically skills. Students will have opportunities in engage with practical work to put their understanding into practice and investigate.

Curriculum Map Physics KS3

In Physics pupils will develop their understanding of big ideas such as forces, electricity and energy, introduced in key stage 3. In addition to this they will explore new content such as radioactivity. Pupils will have the opportunity to take part in practical investigations to provide context to their studies and to enable them to comprehend the importance of measurements, uncertainties and accuracy within physics. There is a focus on building mathematical skills and applying these to physical phenomena to help pupils understand the world around them.

Curriculum Map Physics KS4

At KS5 in Physics pupils have 5 hours a week. We follow AQA (specification) In A level physics students cover a broad curriculum of fundamental and more advanced topics, both building on their knowledge from GCSE and introducing new, more complex ideas. Throughout this course students will be introduced to new practical techniques and equipment to investigate physical phenomena. Students gain a thorough understanding of the application of mathematics to the physical world, especially in mechanics. As well as developing their understanding of electricity and optics they will be introduced to particle physics and quantum phenomena in year 12. This provides a strong foundation to move on to study further mechanics, fields, nuclear and thermal physics in year 13. Students look forward to our engaging year 13 astrophysics topic, providing them with the opportunity to start to comprehend our ever-changing understanding of the cosmos. Each topic has an emphasis on building problem solving and mathematical reasoning skills, designed to prepare students for future study and a wide range of career paths.

Curriculum Map Physics KS5

Curriculum Map Applied Science Level 2

Curriculum Map Applied Science Level 3

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