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Bluecoat Aspley Academy Sports Science Curriculum Intent Statement

As a Church of England Academy, we want all students in our Bluecoat Aspley family to come to understand and value the centrality of faith in our world. We aim to teach high-quality Physical Education lessons, so that students see this both as an active subject in our Physical Education lessons and an academic subject in our qualification lessons. It is our hope that through the study of Physical Education, all students develop a sense of identity and are able to evaluate their personal beliefs whilst reflecting on the beliefs of others. Our curriculum is diverse in it’s make up being both incredibly active and academically challenging and we strive to give students hope in achieving excellence in both of these. Through gaining this knowledge from both physical and academic activities, we are able to promote tolerance and respect for ‘the other’ both in the sporting environment and in the classroom. This respect encompasses all those involved with sports such as players, coaches and officials. As well as this, our intent for all students is that they are able to develop their skills of evaluation through encouraging them to both peer and self-reflect on their own and others’ performance while working as one in their family team or working group.

The Sports Science department aims to support the whole Academy’s core purpose to inspire confident learners who thrive in a changing world. All students are given the opportunity to learn and take part in Physical Education in this core subject which is delivered in accordance to the National Curriculum in PE.

Students follow a balanced programme of physical activities developing their competence to excel in a broad range of physical activities. Our primary goal is to ensure students are physically active for sustained periods of time, engage in competitive sports and activities and lead healthy, active lives.

Through our curriculum maps, and consistent use of robust assessment, students are able to progress in Physical Education from Years 7 to 11, with a curriculum based on our principles of learning and practicing skills and tactics, knowledge and application of rules, knowledge and application of how the bodies systems work and through the development of leadership and coaching. This in turn enables our students to stand out as confident sociable people, with good interpersonal skills, meaning their development of Cultural Capital will, mean students will be able to:

  • study sport and physical education courses in the future
  • add an extra dimension to their personal skills profile which will impress
  • be in a stronger position to get a job which requires leadership skills
  • apply knowledge to their own sporting careers and others they may know
  • increase their performance levels with extra knowledge
  • improve their own fitness levels and lead a healthier lifestyle


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