Bluecoat Aspley Technology Intent Statement

As a Church of England Academy, we want all students in our Bluecoat Aspley family to come to understand and value the centrality of faith in our world.

In Design and Technology we believe that our students develop as creative, imaginative problem solvers, who through their lessons gain a sense of satisfaction when they have designed and manufactured products to a high standard, whether that be in Product Design, Food or Textiles. It is all about designing and making creative and innovative products that students can enjoy and be proud of.


Students have the opportunity to learn new skills, use a range of materials and techniques, learn about new technologies, as well as studying why we should respect the environment and the importance of sustainability and the social and moral issues that surround it. We are courageously inclusive, and this is evident in the topics that the students study during their time in Design and Technology. Students are encouraged to embrace a range of cultures and religions in the work that they undertake and our aim is to ensure that all students are aware of how we live in a multi-cultural, ethnically diverse society and how design can be a large part of that.


Students will also be inspired and discover the amazing careers that are possible through Design and Technology, and it is our hope that students will be inspired and passionate about design and continue further in the subject to become designers of the future.

Expand each Key Stage to access the Curriculum Map and see an overview of what is covered in this subject:

At KS3 in Design and Technology students have two hours per week, please see the curriculum map to see what pupils will learn over the course of their study. Students are taught the fundamentals of designing, manufacturing and evaluating. This is done through the three areas of Design and Technology that the students will study. These areas are Product Design, Food and Nutrition and Textiles with each area contributing its own specific skill set. Students are encouraged to be creative and innovative as well as being able to solve problems through both design and practical activities.

Curriculum Map DT KS3

At KS4 in GCSE Design and Technology, Textiles and Food and Nutrition students have two hours per week. We follow the AQA Specification.

GCSE DTAQA | GCSE | Design and Technology | Specification at a glance

GCSE TextilesAQA | GCSE | Art and Design | Specification at a glance

GCSE Food preparation and Textiles –  AQA | GCSE | Food Preparation and Nutrition | Specification at a glance

Design and Technology – Students will learn to apply designing and making skills and knowledge through a series of practical investigations and technical theory activities.

Textiles – Students are encouraged to combine their designing skills with knowledge and understanding, in order to design and make quality textile products.

Food Preparation and Nutrition – The course focuses on practical cooking skills that ensure students develop a thorough understanding of nutrition, food provenance and the working characteristics of food materials.

Curriculum Map DT KS4

At KS5 in A Level Product Design and Fashion and Textiles students have five hours per week. We follow the AQA Specification

A Level Product DesignAQA | A-level | Design and Technology: Product Design | Specification at a glance

A Level Fashion and TextilesAQA | A-level | Design and Technology: Fashion and Textiles | Specification at a glance


A Level Product Design – Students will learn the practical application of technical principles, designing and making principles as well as specialist knowledge.

  • NEA 50%, external examined assessment 50% of overall A Level.


A Level Fashion and Textiles – Art Textiles is an exciting and creative course that allows you to explore an array of new techniques. Students work in sketchbooks to explore colour and texture, developing their own themes into samples and items of clothing.

  • NEA 50%, external examined assessment 50% of overall A Level.

Curriculum Map DT KS5

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