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Introducing Student Leadership

Student Leadership at Bluecoat Aspley Academy is divided into 4 groups that are based on our school values: faith, hope, family, respect. Our leadership captains meet, discuss and carry out events so that we are always honouring our school’s Christian ethos. In this way the voices of the students are heard and listened to. Their opinions and ideas are made tangible. We are the leaders of today and tomorrow. We are the visionaries who put words into actions. We are Bluecoat Aspley Student Leadership.

Hinna, Head Girl

Hinna, Head Girl and Mateen, Head Boy

The student leadership groups are full of students who are willing to go above and beyond for the betterment of our school. Our ‘Family Captains’ work together to welcome guests into our school and ensure our diverse community remains loving and inclusive. Our ‘Respect Captains’ work to shine a light on issues that are impacting our local, national and global communities. Our ‘Hope Captains’ raise money for our school charities ‘Safer Families’ and ‘A21’. Finally, our ‘Faith Captains’ aim to raise awareness of different faiths whilst living out our mission to ‘believe in yourself, in others and in God’.

Mateen, Head Boy

Give for Good | Cultural Day

(10th of March, 2022)

An amazing day organised by our student leaders! This was a vibrant celebration of our beautifully diverse family. Staff and students dressed up to celebrate culture, whilst also raising money, raising prayer and raising awareness for our school charities. The atmosphere around school was incredible.

World Book Day

(3rd of March, 2022)

For World Book Day 2022, student leadership organised a movement where years 10 and 11 students wore a plain black or white shirt to symbolise our stance against racism and discrimination in our world. We were inspired by the book ‘Noughts and Crosses’ by Malorie Blackman. In this book, she expresses how a society fuelled by hatred impacts peoples’ morality and sense of justice. In choosing to wear white or black on this day, students united against hatred and stood together in harmony.

Iram, Faith Captain

“What is right, what is morally just, cannot be kept in the shadows. There is no stronger spotlight than the truth.”

Malorie Blackman, Endgame (Book 6 of Noughts and Crosses)

A Visit from our Diocesan Director for Education, Nigel Frith

(10th of February, 2022)

I really enjoyed meeting Nigel Frith. He had very interesting topics to talk about and he asked us some challenging questions. He was a friendly man and easy to talk to.

I felt quite proud that I was able to show someone what Bluecoat was like and I got to see things in a different way, from the perspective of a visitor. It was fun to show someone around a school that I’ve been learning in for the past 4-5 years. I really wanted to tell Nigel about our teachers who are all very different, but all amazing. I also wanted to show him the displays which have been put up all around the school as I know all of the departments have worked hard to make these.

TK, Faith Captain

Meeting Nigel Frith gave us the opportunity to give thanks for Bluecoat Aspley Academy. What I would say I enjoyed most, was probably learning about his job. He gave us an insight into what his job is actually like. Welcoming someone like Nigel into our school was a little intimidating to begin with, but he made me and the student leadership team feel able to communicate with him and get our points across. Showing Nigel around the school was great! I think he was quite impressed and shocked with how big it was, especially the Drama Studio! We were walking around school meeting some of our teachers and Nigel said “this place has one of these auras..” I understood what Nigel meant. Bluecoat Aspley feels like a family which we talked to him about and which he hopefully felt throughout his visit.

Sulayman, Respect Captain

Lots of Valentine’s LOVE at Bluecoat Aspley

(11th of February, 2022)

Our students worked with a local florist to sell 180 individual pink roses to both staff and students. #Pinkforfriendship

They learnt how to wrap these, attaching messages of love and then they worked together to distribute these to lots of happy recipients on the last day of the half term!

As well as the joy this generated in school, student leaders also raised £218.61 for our school charities, ‘Safer Families’ and ‘A21’.

A big thank you to all who supported this initiative.

A message to teachers:

Thank you to all teachers who pushed this initiative with short notice and bought roses. It really means a lot. We’ve raised a good bit of money for charity and it makes me really happy that people are willing to donate after the year we’ve all had. I think a lot of happiness will be spread handing out these roses. There have been some interesting messages sent between staff that have made us all laugh! So, once again, thank you!

Em, Family Captain

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