Pupil Premium Strategy

Pupil premium strategy statement (Secondary)


School overview

Metric Data
 School name Bluecoat Aspley Academy
Pupils in school 945
Proportion of disadvantaged pupils 37.7%
Pupil premium allocation this academic year £332,860
Academic year or years covered by statement 2019/2020
Publish date October 2019
Review date October 2020
Statement authorised by Claire McManus
Pupil premium lead Gemma Baxter
Academy Advisory Board Member Phil Burrell

Disadvantaged pupil performance overview for last academic year

BAA National
Disadvantaged Non Disadvantaged Non
Progress 8  -0.04 0.44  -0.45   0.13
Ebacc entry  20% 20%   27%  45%
Attainment 8  41.79 50.13  36.68  50.30
% Grade 5+ in English and maths  24%  47%  25%  50%
% Grade 4+ in English and maths  52% 65%  45% 72%


Strategy aims for disadvantaged pupils

Aim Target Target date
Progress 8 Pupil Premium cohort to maintain positive P8 above national average. (currently -0.44; (DfE KS4 and multi-academy trust performance, 2018 (revised)) Sept 21
Attainment 8 Achieve national average of A8 Sept 21
% Grade 5+ in English and maths Improve average English and maths 5+ scores so that it is better than similar schools Sept 21
Other Improve attendance Academy target

(Currently Pupil premium attendance in 1.05 is below target at 95.1%)


Reduce PP PA to be in line with rest of cohort

Sept 21
Ebacc entry Ebacc Entry to remain in line with all pupils in the Academy and across the Trust Sept 21

Teaching priorities for current academic year

Measure Activity
Priority 1 Literacy Strategy: Literacy Coordinator to facilitate 20:20 reading, 200 word challenge, reciprocal reading, phonics intervention, English Mastery EFF trial in Year 7, National Literacy Trust Tier 2 Vocabulary Training.
Priority 2 Data Analysis: Following snapshots by SLT, T&L teams, teaching staff and HOY to identity gaps and target RAP into QFT, role of AP with responsibility for PP.
Barriers to learning these priorities address Lower literacy of disadvantaged students post KS2, lack of cultural capital, engagement in learning.
Projected spending £94,590

Targeted academic support for current academic year

Measure Activity
Priority 1 Timetabled RAP: Targeted intervention for KS4 students, timetabled, weekly RAP sessions by subject specialist.
Priority 2 Revision Materials: Embedding of the Revision Website providing free revision materials and guidance to all pupils. Subscriptions for SENECA and Hegarty Maths with individual assignments to pupils. Free revision guides provided by CORE subjects.
Barriers to learning these priorities address Access to revision resources, parental support and engagement with revision.
Projected spending £66, 795

Wider strategies for current academic year

Measure Activity
Priority 1 Non-Teaching Year Leaders: Non-teaching year leaders and youth workers are there to support the pastoral needs of pupils encouraging attendance and resolving pastoral issues to remove barriers to learning. Mentoring takes place.
Priority 2 Aspiration Raising: PP are a priority for careers appointments and Futures, widening participation through the Universities, themed RAP AOW, curriculum offer, extra-curricular visits.
Barriers to learning these priorities address Low level aspirations, parental engagement, cultural capital.
Projected spending £161, 500




Monitoring and implementation

Area Challenge Mitigating action
Teaching Ensuring enough time is given over to allow for staff professional development ·         Use of INSET days and additional cover being provided by line mangers and senior leaders.     CPL time to be allocated

·         Use of Teach Meets to highlight effective strategies

Targeted support Ensuring attendance of the most disengaged students

Ensuring quality and precision of targeted nature of RAP sessions


·         SLT and DOA to QA RAP sessions

·         Attendance register to be created and monitored

·         Text messages to parents of persistent absentees from RAP

Wider strategies Engaging the families facing most difficult challenges ·         Working across the Trust to look at programmes for support and access advice for disengagement

·         Provision of funds for pupil premium who want to engage in extra-curricular activities

Review: last year’s aims and outcomes

Aim 2018-19 Outcome
Improve levels of attainment and progress ·         BAA has seen a reduction in gaps over a period of time between disadvantaged and non-disadvantaged students. Our PP students achieved a progress score of 0 in 2018/19 which indicated that our PP students achieved the same as all students nationally.

·         53.6% of pupil premium students achieved a grade 4+ in maths and English, an increase from 2017/18.

Access to effective pastoral care so that attendance improves ·         Attendance for pupil premium students was higher than the National Average for all students (94.1%) and the year finished on 95.11%.
Raising aspirations of PP to have greater opportunities ·         Futures Group 2019 destinations data shows that over 99% pupils across BAA obtained a place in further training, education or employment.


Bluecoat Aspley Academy Raising Achievement & Progress: Pupil Premium Tiered Model


The Governors and Leadership Team at Bluecoat Aspley Academy will continue to monitor and review the impact of these measures to ensure that they represent both value for money and that they continue to play a direct role in improving the achievements and quality of learning for students of all abilities The Academy recognises that by putting in many of these interventions in place the benefit to students is beyond those that are being specifically funded and as such is committed to supporting these interventions by adding to the funding received from the pupil premium from the Academy’s General Annual fund.


Intervention Strategy Planned 2018/2019  Actual 2017/2018
Employment of Academic Coaches £14981 £14685
Employment of Literacy Coordinators £32325  £30648
Employment of Literacy Teaching Assistant £25120.56  £24628
Literacy Accelerated Reader Package and author visits ( in part funded by pupil premium) £5000 £5043
Subsidies for participation in extra curriculum activities and visits, including Heads developmental fund £6000   £5860
Employment of full time Year Leaders (in part funded by pupil premium) £92313 £90503.84
Chaplaincy role £8850.2  £6431
Literacy Resources £2000 1968.42
Student Support as an identified intervention £51469  £50459.44
Provision of extensive extra curriculum offer (in part funded by pupil premium) £19921  £19531.24
Other Assessments £18500  £18189.82
Additional support and Pastoral care £25000 £24928.78
English, Arts  & Maths Improvement ( part funded by pupil premium) £35000  £30265.48
Travel and Other assistance inc provision of breakfast £25000  £23821
Youth Workers (part funded by pupil premium) £1632  £3174.14
Software packages for school improvement ( part funded by pupil premium) £3500  £3365.19
Safeguarding Role (part funded by pupil premium) £15348 £15048
Holiday and revision classes £3500  £3485
Feedback & Assessment training £1500 £1610.44


In addition to the pupil premium funding received, Bluecoat Aspley Academy also received £30500 in relation to Year 7 Catch Up funding which has been used to target literacy and numeracy as detailed below.


Intervention Strategy  Planned 18/19  Actual 17/18
Additional teaching Groups for Phonics  £        14500  £  14500
Year 7 activity Days  £         £3500  £    3485
Year 7 Transition programme  £2000  £    2000

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