Pupil Premium Strategy

The amount of Pupil Premium that Bluecoat Aspley Academy expects to receive for the current academic year 2018/19 is £346735.  As an Academy we have a cohort of 365 students across Years 7 to 11 who benefit from Pupil Premium Funding.


The priorities for the Pupil Premium Funding we have received are:


  • Narrowing the gap by addressing inequalities and raising the attainment of those students entitled to Pupil Premium Funding.
  • Raising self-esteem and aspirations of students entitled to Pupil Premium Funding through pastoral support and extra-curricular activities.
  • Reduce inequalities and gaps in attainment between those students who are in receipt of free school meals (FSM) and their peers.

Bluecoat Aspley Academy has targeted additional support strategies and systems aimed at ensuring every student achieves their potential, however in relation to those financially disadvantaged we aim to:


  • Improve levels of attainment and progress and close any attainment gaps
  • Enable them to have full access to our curriculum and extra-curricular provision
  • Enable them to have full access to pastoral support
  • Raise their confidence and self-belief, enabling them to become confident learners and a valued part of the school community

Evaluation of 2017/18 Pupil Premium Funding


The impact of this expenditure (using Sept 2018 estimates) is as follows:

·         Bluecoat Aspley Academy has seen a reduction in gaps over a period of time between disadvantaged and non-disadvantaged students.  In 2016/2017 the results were very similar with a small gap in 2017/2018, however pupil premium students did achieve higher than the pupil premium progress 8 score of 2017.

·         52% of pupil premium students achieved 4+ in English and Maths with 30% 5+.

·         Attendance for Pupil Premium students was alongside the National Average for all pupils (94.1%), finishing the year on 94%.



Plans for 2018/19


Examples of support that the Academy plans to fund via the Pupil Premium Funding allocation in 2018/19 include:


  • A focus on core subjects – English, Maths and Science, including continued employment of Academic Coaches.
  • A focus on literacy including continued employment of Literacy Coordinators  and the purchase of a Literacy Accelerated Reader reading package
  • Continued strengthening of the pastoral system with the continued employment of full time Year Leaders to enhance the pastoral support for our students
  • Increased and improved system of tracking progress and intervention for those pupils benefitting from pupil premium including measurements such as CAT tests resulting in individual profiles for students, Digital Reading Age Tests, Progress Tests in Core Subjects and PASS (Pupils Attitude to Self and School) questionnaires.
  • Subsidies for participation in extra curriculum activities and visits and a focus in the provision of an extensive extra curriculum program


The Governors and Leadership Team at Bluecoat Aspley Academy will continue to monitor and review the impact of these measures to ensure that they represent both value for money and that they continue to play a direct role in improving the achievements and quality of learning for students of all abilities The Academy recognises that by putting in many of these interventions in place the benefit to students is beyond those that are being specifically funded and as such is committed to supporting these interventions by adding to the funding received from the pupil premium from the Academy’s General Annual fund.


Intervention Strategy Planned 2018/2019  Actual 2017/2018
Employment of Academic Coaches £14981 £14685
Employment of Literacy Coordinators £32325  £30648
Employment of Literacy Teaching Assistant £25120.56  £24628
Literacy Accelerated Reader Package and author visits ( in part funded by pupil premium) £5000 £5043
Subsidies for participation in extra curriculum activities and visits, including Heads developmental fund £6000   £5860
Employment of full time Year Leaders (in part funded by pupil premium) £92313 £90503.84
Chaplaincy role £8850.2  £6431
Literacy Resources £2000 1968.42
Student Support as an identified intervention £51469  £50459.44
Provision of extensive extra curriculum offer (in part funded by pupil premium) £19921  £19531.24
Other Assessments £18500  £18189.82
Additional support and Pastoral care £25000 £24928.78
English, Arts  & Maths Improvement ( part funded by pupil premium) £35000  £30265.48
Travel and Other assistance inc provision of breakfast £25000  £23821
Youth Workers (part funded by pupil premium) £1632  £3174.14
Software packages for school improvement ( part funded by pupil premium) £3500  £3365.19
Safeguarding Role (part funded by pupil premium) £15348 £15048
Holiday and revision classes £3500  £3485
Feedback & Assessment training £1500 £1610.44


In addition to the pupil premium funding received, Bluecoat Aspley Academy also received £30500 in relation to Year 7 Catch Up funding which has been used to target literacy and numeracy as detailed below.


Intervention Strategy  Planned 18/19  Actual 17/18
Additional teaching Groups for Phonics  £        14500  £  14500
Year 7 activity Days  £         £3500  £    3485
Year 7 Transition programme  £2000  £    2000

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