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Bluecoat Aspley Academy Curriculum Intent Statement for Business Studies

As a Church of England Academy, we want all students in our Bluecoat Aspley family to come to understand and value the centrality of faith in our world. We aim to teach high-quality Business, so that students see this as an academic subject with rigorous demands that align with the demands of other core subjects. It is our hope that through the study of Business, we can develop commercial minded and enterprising individuals. Our curriculum is knowledge rich and highly ambitious and designed to give all students the necessary knowledge and skills they need to live in the business orientated world in which we live.  Students are expected to be able to talk and write knowledgeably about business, enterprise and the economy, using subject specific language accurately and confidently. They should be able to utilise Business specific skills such as making links between different units of work; analysing and interpreting business case studies and understanding financial information and language.  In this way, our course enables students to become business literate and there is a combination of practical, theoretical, individual and group learning in order to cater for a variety of learning styles.  Students will leave the classroom enriched with a broad and balanced perspective of business, as well as an inspiration for success and a passion to work hard in the community. Throughout the Business curriculum, students will take a journey that develops their knowledge and skills to evaluate the dynamics of a business. This will lead to an outcome where students enjoy their learning to make good progress by applying the knowledge and skills to the subject as well as events faced in their everyday pathways.  Our students will be aware of the impact of business in the real world through exploring a range of diverse case studies from local to global businesses. Students will come to appreciate a wide view of how businesses operate in a multicultural society which will open their views to the evolving nature of businesses Through gaining this knowledge, we are able to promote tolerance and respect for all agents within the community and the experiences acquired will support our students to develop into well rounded community members themselves ready to enter the next stage of their personal journey equipped with the vital skills that all employers look for 

Expand each Key Stage to access the Curriculum Map and see an overview of what is covered in this subject:

At KS4 in Business pupils have 2 hours a week. We follow the Edexcel Specification GCSE Business 9-1  (  

This course gives students an insight into how businesses around the world operate, thinking about the decisions that they make and the strategies that they employ. Students are encouraged to understand themselves based on the world around them and to understand others in local, national and global markets.  The course starts with looking at how small business operate, before comparing and contrasting the strategies employed by large businesses.  Students will develop a broad understanding of the range of activities businesses undertake to compete and be successful in the global economy. 

KS4 Business Curriculum Map

At KS5 in Business students have an option of 2 courses 

A Level Business has 5 hours a week.  We follow the Edexcel A Level Business Specification (  

This course enables students to engage with, explore and understand business behaviour and develop a critical understanding of the subject.  Over the two year course we support and encourage students to generate enterprising and creative solutions to business problems and issues.  To be global citizens, students will learn to be aware of the ethical dilemmas and responsibilities faced by organisations and individuals.  Throughout the course, students will develop a range of relevant business and generic skills, including decision making, financial planning, time management and data analysis.   

BTEC Level 3 National Diploma 

This qualification is a 2 A-Level equivalent and therefore runs for 10 hours a week. We follow the Pearson BTEC Specification BTEC Nationals | Business (2016) | Pearson qualifications  

This course enables students to engage with, explore and understand business behaviour with a particular focus on Finance, Marketing and Human Resource Management. The course contains a mixture of exams and internally assessed pieces of coursework. Over the two-year course we support and encourage students to develop their entrepreneurial skills and be creative thinkers, thus allowing them to be competent members of a dynamic business environment. To be global citizens, students will be aware of the ethical considerations that are becoming ever present in business’ strategic decisions and how these impact operations. The course enables students to develop a range of relevant business skills, including accounting principles, data analysis and strategy analysis.  

KS5 Business Curriculum Map

KS5 BTEC Level 3 Business Curricululm Map

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