Understanding and using appropriate vocabulary enables our students to access their learning in every subject and beyond the classroom.

We encourage students to use a range of strategies to decode and comprehend individual words. We support students as they breakdown and clarify vocabulary, consider affixes (prefixes and suffixes), explore word families, the context of a word and make connections between words and subjects.

We use the Frayer Model to help summarise a definition, practise a new word in a sentence and explore synonyms (words that mean the same), antonyms (opposites) or non-examples.

We explicitly teach Tier 3 (subject specific) words and all subjects address Tier 2 (common complex) words. We ask students to say the word aloud, tap the syllables and make connections between words and images to help their vocabulary retrieval.

Students are encouraged to record vocabulary in vocabulary books and on Word Walls to help them use, transfer and retrieve their learning.

Once students have encountered a new word, we encourage them to use it as they speak and write.

Supporting vocabulary at home:

Encourage your child to use and talk about their vocabulary book and the words that they are learning. They could record new words that they encounter in books, media or conversations at home by using a Frayer Model.

Breakdown new words and think about what they might mean and what clues there are to help. Consider prefixes, suffixes, context, word families and other clues.

Ask questions about words:

  • “Can you think of a synonym or another word that means the same?”,
  • “What might that word mean?” or
  • “Which word on the page might mean X?”

Encourage your child to use a precise word – choose the word “dog” rather than “animal”, choose the word “Labrador” rather than “dog”.

Play games such as Taboo or Articulate.

Resources and Links

An online dictionary https://www.dictionary.com/

Word trees – linking root words https://membean.com/treelist

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